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β€œAn exciting brand with stylish designs, there is always something new to love at Zara.”
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β€œ<p> A Spanish label which is popular world-wide, Zara is an impressive part of the fashion industry. The brand has an extensive range for women, which incorporates several sections for different style needs, and also carries clothing lines for men and children. With such an exciting collection, there are always new garments to see; always new must-have items. <br /> <br /> And there actually are always new pieces to fall in love with. The brand&rsquo;s unique business model focuses on designing, producing, and distributing clothes quickly. The brand differs from others in the fashion market by performing these functions internally, allowing for greater control and coordination of the end product, and choosing to construct garments locally in Europe, rather than overseas. <br /> <br /> This distinctive approach allows the manufacturers to react to trends almost immediately, to discontinue production on lines which are not as popular, and for designs to be sent out to stores twice a week. The company claims that they can develop a new line in under six weeks and adapt existing designs in two. Zara creates over 11,000 individual designs every year. <br /> <br /> The swift design and production of the brand is not belied by the garments. Zara clothing is stylish and chic. There is a touch of European elegance to the designs. And, as the apparel can be produced so quickly, the designers are able to incorporate the latest styles and elements from international catwalks into the clothing. <br /> <br /> Clearly, the allure of Zara lies in the latest looks which the brand produces and the speed at which they are introduced into the stores. However, more constant aspects of the brand are also admired. The &lsquo;Zara Basics&rsquo; range carries wardrobe staples such as singlets, shirts and knit cardigans and tops in a variety of colours. The knits, especially, have become a style success, with the striped versions re-released for different seasons due to their popularity. <br /> <br /> With shops in over 70 countries, you can find Zara in locations as diverse as Casablanca in Morocco or 5th Avenue in New York City. But sadly, there are currently no Zara stores in Australia. We can only hope that the brand applies its well-recognised speed to opening stores here so that Australians can experience and appreciate Zara.</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> Article written by E. Cole for archfashion.com.au and edited by the&nbsp;archfashion team</p> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> Images adapted from photographs taken by the archfashion team on location around Australia.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> Copyright of Fashion Pages Pty Ltd 2009</div>”

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