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How to declutter your life

Home, work, wardrobe

4 life hacks to stay organised all year round

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Source: @oh.eight.oh.nine

Who said spring is the only season for a good clean out? With all the time we’ll be spending indoors this winter you’d want to be happy in your space. Whether it’s your home, work, wardrobe or just everyday habits, here’s our four life hacks on how to organise your world (and STAY organised). 

When in doubt, chuck it out

To get all Marie Kondo on you, getting rid of things and tidying your home and work environment is actually like changing your life. All your stuff can seriously clutter your mind as well. So what are you waiting for? Bring out the garbage bags and do the ditch. 

The wardrobe is beyond overwhelming, so start there. Once you get into the rhythm of parting with a few one-time wears, binning all your other useless stuff gets easier and before you know it you’ll be a pro at letting go. Trust us. 

General going rule is: if you have to think about it then chuck. Also we love the KondoMari method where you ask yourself does this item bring me joy? Does it serve it’s purpose? Or am I holding onto the past? Seriously a game-changer. 

Then, when you’re done, fill that baby back up again with these faves...

Be cut throat

Have you been scribbling ‘To-Do’ lists for weeks and pulling out your hair wondering why? WHY? Can’t I get it all done? Oh, hon. Hate to tell you, but there will always be things to do. 

Some free advice: the magic five-minute rule. If you can do it in five minutes then do it. Right then. Right there. Sometimes admin organisation can be it’s own procrastination tool - don’t think, just do. 

Second fave tip from the our new organised friends at Zen Habits [blog link:] is - at the beginning of your day mark three of your most important/time sensitive tasks to be completed then smash them out. Getting anything else done is a bonus! And you won’t have your boss breathing down your neck for that late deadline. Eek. (If you HAVE to keep writing shit down, shop these…)

100% focus

Multi-tasking is actually a myth. Science has proven that our brain just gets faster at switching from one task to the other rather than doing two things at once. So when you’re eating breakfast and scanning Instagram, your digestive system is turning on and off while you tag your pals in memes. It’s also slowing your life down. Just do one thing at a time. 

Treat your tasks like a meditation: find your centre, don’t be distracted and have strong boundaries (especially with pesky colleagues who want you to do their stuff ‘NOW’.) Go forward not backwards and stay calm with these picks...

Savvy styling

Interior design can be a lifesaver when it comes to little cheats in keeping your pad or desk space a nice place to be. 

Once you’ve decluttered all your crap, it’s time to focus on organising the stuff you do need. Keeping tidy doesn’t mean your homewares need to be colour coded or labelled. Everything should have it’s place and (here’s the tip) STAY in it’s place. 

Don’t double handle. If your nail polish belongs in the basket in your bathroom, then when you’re finished put it BACK in that basket. Not on the bench. Not on the lounge. In. The. Basket. Soon enough your bathroom counter will begin to grow unwanted visitors as quick as mouldy bread. We like to go wabi-sabi on our tidy philosophy ‘perfection is imperfection’. Silver trays, wooden crates, weaved baskets, unusual bowls - all can transform your little bits of mess into Objet D'art. Find inspo here…

By: Olivia Drake

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