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30 ways to work it in your 30's

It’s a whole new ballgame.

Stay-in-shape tips for a new decade!

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Source: @seewantshop

So, you’ve turned 30… So what? You’re still young and fresh and hot and all those good things. Keep it tight and stay in shape with the following fitness and lifestyle hacks.

1. Say ‘see ya’ to scales Unless you’re a professional athlete or have a medical condition that demands you monitor your weight, ditch the scales. Your 20s were for obsessing, now you’re in your 30s you have better things to do than watch that number. 

2. Grab your girls and hit the dance floor It’s the best way to squeeze in a bout of high-impact cardio, plus, it’s one of the most enjoyable ways to work up a sweat. 

3. Walk to work Obviously this isn’t feasible if you live in the burbs and work in the city. But if you can – do it!

4. Join a group Exercising solo is hard. Join a weekend sports team, run with your super-motivated mate (we all have one), take a weekly yoga class or even get a personal trainer involved on the reg.  

5. Swim laps As we shimmy through our 30s, our bodies are at increased risk of muscle and joint pain. Swimming is a low-resistance activity that will work out your entire body and give you some serious quiet time under water that is often lacking at home. Exercise with a touch of serenity: winning! 

6. Take the stairs It's the oldest trick in the ‘get fit’ book, but taking the stairs instead of elevators or lifts will boost your daily step count and keep your belfie cred intact.

7. Aim big Sign up for a major run or event in your area. Tip: register at least six months out to give yourself a set goal. Tell all your friends and family for extra motivation – the threat of public shame is often enough to get us over the line. Woman up, and start training today.

8. Go for a walk on your lunch break Desk dining is a reality too many of us can relate to. Reclaim your midday break and take a stroll (even if it’s just a couple of laps around the block) and soak up some vitamin D while you’re at it.

9. Learn something new Keeping the brain active and busy is just as important as keeping our rigs fit, so learn a new skill or take up a hobby. Think: knitting, art class or even bingo! Not joking. 

10. Do more yoga Do you moan and groan whenever you have to get off the couch? Combat the grouch with regular stretching and yoga. Need inspo? Miranda Kerr is your girl…

11. Read more books Dust off that pile of books on your bedside table and start reading, babe! It will aid your brain and slow down any premature mental aging. Plus, if there’s sunshine, it counts as an outdoor activity too!

12. Add more olive oil to your diet There’s a reason Mediterranean dames have porcelain-like skin well into their 60s, and olive oil has a lot to do with it.

13. The answer is “salad” This one is hard, and requires an immense amount of will-power. When the waiter asks, “Would you like chips or salad?”, go for the salad. 

14. Get plump with Pomegranates Sun damage and wrinkles are not fond of vitamin C, and pomegranates are full of it – vitamin C, that is. The fruit is hell on a white blouse, but heaven when it comes to collagen. They’re thought to act as a super nutrient that increases your body’s propensity to preserve collagen. And don’t cut the seeds too – that’s where most of the good stuff is!

15. Keep fine lines at bay with berries It turns out that looking good can be pretty damn delicious. Down half a cup of antioxidant-rich blueberries every day to ward off cell-structure damage, the onset of wrinkles and fine lines.

16. Avoid bloating and drink more water Sounds counterintuitive, but water retention occurs when you don't give your body enough h2O. Keeping your water intake on point will slow down the aging process and keep the skin tight and terrific.  

17. Pumped up kicks If you run on the reg, it’s important to replace your sneakers every six to nine months. This will ensure you avoid stress injuries that are more common in our thirties. 

18. Beware the Booze No more than one or two standard drinks a day, ladies. We can’t bounce back from hangovers like we used to.

19. Get enough Zzzzzs Sleep is the secret elixir to youth. Okay, not really, but it does contribute to a fresh-faced visage.

20. Strength training Help slow, or even prevent, muscle loss with strength training. Try adding a couple of sessions to your weekly workouts.

21. Slay the salt Like caffeine, sodium quickens the rate of normal bone loss. Use it sparingly or not at all.

22. Jump on the superfood highway Consume five serves of superfoods every day and watch your skin glow. We mean, if it’s good enough for Miranda Kerr’s KORA Organics...

23. High intensity Cut your workout time in half with high-intensity activities in short bursts. This will encourage your metabolism to speed up, strengthen your bones and help you burn calories quicker.

24. Healthy junk food Rethink your naughty late-night snack and transform it into a healthy mood booster. Think spirulina popcorn. Thanks Goop!

25. Make exercise fun After you pound the pavement, reward yourself with something you love (preferably not fried chicken).

26. Smoothie criminal Introduce smoothies into your diet for a quick and painless injection of fruit and veg.

27. Spend more time in the great outdoors Good for the mind, body and soul. Win, win, win!

28. Moisturise always Hydrate your skin with sun-safe potions and lotions for that dewy youthful look. 

29. Wear sunscreen everyday Save your skin and rock your natural hue or fake tan it up.

30. Don’t overthink it Okay, so we just listed 29 tips for ripening gracefully, but we also recommend being kind to, and loving, your 30-something self.

By: Louise Smithers

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