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β€œIn hard denims and soft cottons, these Australian basics are bringing effortless class to street wear essentials.”
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β€œ<div> Industrie Clothing is targeted at 20-somethings with classics of cotton and denim. Their style is effortless, casual and simple.</div> Industrie originally presented itself as down-to-earth and masculine.</div> Based in Sydney, the brand was first introduced in 1999 as street wear for men, but has since branched out to include women and <a href="http://www.archfashion.com.au/industrie-kids">kids&rsquo; clothing</a>. <br /> &nbsp;<br /> Their men&rsquo;s range is a no-nonsense collection of plain jeans, cargos and deliberately crumpled, collared shirts.&nbsp; They also stock formal wear:&nbsp; a collection of suit jackets, waistcoats and even the rare ironed shirt or two.</div> A recent addition is the range for women. It has a softer feel, with a few faded florals brightening up the clothing racks and balancing out the khaki and denim. The collection is a variety of printed tees, knit cardigans, casual skirts and of course, the hardline jeans.</div> Men&rsquo;s and women&rsquo;s pants go for around $100, whilst shirts are tagged around $40 - $50, putting them on par for price with most youth brand names available in department stores.</div> <div> Industrie hasn&rsquo;t forgotten the little ones either, stocking a kids&rsquo; range from tots to early teens, under &lsquo;Industrie Girls&rsquo; and &lsquo;ABCD Industrie&rsquo; for boys. It has a similar style and price range to the adult collection, but with a tad more colour.</div> In 2003, Industrie outlets opened across Australia and the company now has&nbsp;42 stores across the country, with more to open through the year. These stores aim to reflect the style of their clothes with a serious lack of decoration, pants stacked haphazardly on their shelves and rock music blasting through their speakers.</div> The face of the brand is smouldering American model, tattooed Didier Cohen.</div> Miranda Kerr, David Jones ambassador and Australian supermodel, also lent her name to the Industrie title. In a February 2009 photo shoot she posed with a shirtless Cohen, the steamy snaps symbolising and celebrating David Jones&rsquo; signing of Industrie, previously a fashion brand of rival store, Myer.</div> The brand has a uniquely Australian, earthy feel, with the harsh WA desert serving as a backdrop to a further Cohen-Kerr photo shoot in June 2009.&nbsp;</div> <div> <br /> Whilst the denims might be hard, the company&rsquo;s heart is not. Industrie teamed up with CanTeen in 2007 to release a range of Christmas travel packs, raising money for youths with cancer. In October 2008 they designed a collection of bandanas, for Australia&rsquo;s annual National Bandana Day.</div> Characterised by toned-down blues, blacks and greys, the brand has you covered for those good quality, lasting basics.</div> &nbsp;</div> <div> <div> Article written by A.&nbsp;Porritt for archfashion.com.au and edited by the&nbsp;archfashion team</div> Industrie also have an <a href="http://www.archfashion.com.au/industrie-kids">Industrie Kids</a> profile for childrens&nbsp;clothing.</div> Images provided by Industrie.</div> Copyright of Fashion Pages Pty Ltd 2009</div> References:</div> <div> Industrie Clothing, http://www.industrie.com.au/<br /> Hollywood Treatment, &lsquo;Miranda Kerr &amp; Didier Cohen: Outback Promotional Duties&rsquo;, 7/6/09, http://www.hollywoodtreatment.net/blog/?cat=390 <br /> Jolly People.com, &lsquo;Industrie Myer CanTeen Christmas Travel Kits&rsquo;, 11/11/07, http://jollypeople.com/blog/2007/11/11/industrie-myer-canteen-christmas-travel-kits/ <br /> Jolly People.com,&nbsp; &lsquo;CanTeen National Bandana Day&rsquo;, 10/10/08, http://sydney.jollypeople.com/national-bandana-day/ <br /> The Insider &lsquo;Celebs in Denim: Miranda Kerr &amp; Didier Cohen in Industrie&rsquo;, 5/2/09, <br /> http://www.theinsider.com/news/1634741_Celebs_in_Denim_Miranda_Kerr_Didier_Cohen_in_Industrie<br /> The Rocking Horse &lsquo;Industrie Kids and ABCD Industrie&rsquo;, http://www.therockinghorse.com.au/catalog/index.php?manufacturers_id=78</div> </div>”

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