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“Metalicus makes a woman’s wardrobe so much bigger, more versatile, more comfortable.”
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“Our Story So Far: When Melbourne designer Melma Hamersfeld began to play with stocking fabric in the early ‘90s, she created a fashion concept that women fell in love with. Her soft, comfortable, flattering basics followed the curves of women’s bodies, giving them freedom of movement and a sense of confidence. Originally, Metalicus consisted purely of versatile basics that eased seamlessly into countless wardrobes. Over the years, the range has grown – inspired by the sense of experimentation and play that created the label in the first place. It is no longer just a staple for ‘those in the know’ but an international fashion brand. The collection now encompasses dresses, jackets, skirts, pants, tops, hosiery, shapewear, scarves and more. Metalicus remains committed to creating unique designs, developing fabrics, and stretching the boundaries of imagination and possibility. Innovation is constant and so is Metalicus’ commitment to finding comfortable and stylish alternatives to suit every woman. From the original fitted silhouette to a looser aesthetic, there is a garment to enhance everybody. Metalicus makes a woman’s wardrobe so much bigger, more versatile, more comfortable. It is easy to travel with, well made, easy care & easy wear. Perfect for everybody and every day.”

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Book at place at a Styling Workshop to have a professional stylist combine our latest collection and your personal style > http://bit.ly/1toTOkG

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